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Love These Losers Ok?

These are the people who constantly support me through everything and have stuck with me through a lootttt of shit. Before anything though. Do not. And I mean DO NOT. Get offended by who is in these categories. Because it's true.

Real Life Friends: (These are the people I have actually come into contact with outside of the internet. They are naturally going to be the closest to me.)

:iconzaron-lumiose: & :iconmindhoneyandfaygo:

Ian and Jillian. You two are both incredibly awesome people and I love you guys. I'm lucky to have met you and I hope we share a lot more good memories, yeah? :heart: uvu Love you losers.

AMAZINGGG FRIENDDSSS: (Yes. Online. But friends are friends. Why do you need labels? However these people are closer than the others. I'm sorry. But they've been really open with me and I've been open with them. We've talked on Skype, we've told personal things to each other, we just know each other really well. The only hurdle between us is the computer screen unfortunately.)
:iconinsanerst: :iconstylishrapo: :iconarticcat44: :iconshadowsaregrey:

Jasmine: You are incredibly funny, caring, mature, sensible, and just an all around wonderful person to be around. On top of that your art skills are absolutely outstanding to me. I've always idolized you for that. I'm not going to lie. I literally shrieked when you sent me that note asking to get to know me better. But now it's more than me just being a silly lil fangirl of you. It's a deep and meaningful friendship that I'm so glad I have the pleasure of experiencing with you. Seriously what the fuck girl. You're under arrest for being so amazing. (these descriptions are from the heart so don't fucking laugh at how cheesy I can be.)

Rachel: You're incredible. You really are. I may have met Jasmine first, but that doesn't change the fact that you're just as close to me as Jasmine is. I really enjoy having you as a friend and I hope you know how amazing you are. Also hey. Your art kicks ass girl. Just thought you should know that. Your sense of humor makes me laugh every damn time. I try not to. I try to refrain from making myself look like an idiot in the Skype calls but. NOPE. You always get me. Thanks for so many laughs and happy times. ALL HAIL THE MOTHERFUCKING POTATO LORRDDDD!

Jasmine and Rachel: This part really goes to both of you. Ok so.... -inhales- ISHIPYOUTWOSOHARDYOUAREMYOTP -exhales- Ok that's out of the way. But really you two are an absolutely beautiful couple that has endured a lot. Never let ANYONE get you down just because of your damn sexuality. Love is love and you guys totally understand that. You guys will always have my full support as a couple as just as wonderful people in general. Stay adorable you jerks. :heart: :heart: :heart: :iconinsanerst::iconstylishrapo: :heart: :heart: :heart:

(I am refraining from using the last two user's names because they are not comfortable with them being exposed in public.)

Artic: You are just a fucking bundle of sunshine. You know that? I will never forget the first time I met you on Hatena. I was your first friend on there, and for a long time, your motivation, but you've come so very far and your art has improved times a million! You've got so much potential and I'm very proud with how far you've come. I'm so excited to animate with you in the future. You're a terrific person and I would hug the fuck out of you through my screen if I could. Know that I'm always gonna be there for you. ALWAYS. You're a special person with a lot of talent and I know you're gonna be big one day. Just you wait. -mega hugs-

Grey: You're an adorable bastard. You really are. You may be weird, but that's exactly why you're so unique and amazing. You need to heighten that self-esteem because I think you're a great guy. You are unique in every aspect of your being and I'm glad I met I you. I truly am. And just so you know, I will always care about you. I know you think no one does but me. But I assure you there are others who care about you because of the wacky and phenomenal person you are. Stay weird you loser~ -pushes you off a cliff-

Other Really Really Great Friends. (you may not be as close as those mentioned above, but that doesn't mean I don't care about you. You guys are wonderful too.) **Also note that being higher on this list means nothing. Just as being lower means nothing. I'm just listing you.**

:iconprinceadamthe3rd: We have been betrayed by those evil creatures, my friend. But we have exacted our revenge and it ended for the better. We walk out of this as stronger and better people....and sharkists.

I will say this one more time by the way.

I Will Warn You Now

If you are rude to me or any of my friends I will not hesitate to be just as rude towards you. I am normally nice and patient but I swear I will flip my shit if you choose to be an arrogant asshole. Be nice to me and my friends and I will be nice to you. Just be nice. I don't like fighting with people, but I will defend my friends to the fucking death. I guarantee you won't be the one walking out alive in that fight. K. Thank you.

However. Allow me to make a clarification. Even if you are my friend. I won't fucking tolerate you being mean to another friend of mine either. Ok. Don't fucking do that. FJkldfj. THANK YOU.

..... Have a lovely day~! <3



How The Heck Did You Find This Dork....?

What I'm Doing.

Art Statuses: (made by OtomeNishiki)

Commissions ~ ASK ME by OtomeNishiki Requests ~ OPEN by OtomeNishiki
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Frankly To Do lists make me feel pressured and I'm not even gonna keep it up anymore. Ehhhhghghghg.


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