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XD just uh.... favorites. I love a lot of things honestly. and by a lot of things I mean my friend's drawings, fanart/gifts for meh, DTL fanart or fan characters (how bout I say raposa?), pokemon, creepy ass things, heart atttack inducing cute things, y'knowwwwww~

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why are actually here? Can't be to look at my art. XD Well. Since you're here, you might as well know that I am a DTL artist, but I also draw pokemon and animals and other things. If you'd like to request something, please tell me what'd you like me to draw~ I'll be happy to draw it when I get the time. ^^


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Here's a lil donation pool should you feel generous or end up commissioning me in the future when I get that set up. Either way. Thanks for donating~Points will most likely be used to buy adoptions, commission other artists, give as a gift to my friends....etc.


Ok no I'm not that desperate.

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Adoptables Account: MiNxY-MaDnEsS

Friends (orders do not matter. also take not I'm not gonna type out descriptions. I just. Don't feel like it. My close friends know what they mean to me.)







:heart::heart: :iconinsanerst::iconstylishrapo: :heart::heart:













If I missed anyone you better freaking tell me. I don't wanna hurt someone's feelings just because of my stupid memory.

Also. You wanna be friends?

Sooooo. Here's just a bit about me.

-I am a self taught artist
-I am 16 years old
-My birthday is May 28
-I love Drawn to Life, Pokemon, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Scribblenauts, etc.
-I am female. Honestly I hope this was painfully obvious.
-I'm straight.
-I am a roleplayer.
-I am a writer. (You won't see anything I write though.)
-I'm telling you stuff you don't care about.
-People describe me as nice. So I'll roll with what people think of me. Unless of course I don't care about the person who is making a crude remark about me.
-I cannot stand: Sexists, racists, homophobes, bullies, egotistical people, anything of that nature. If you think you're better than anyone else and feel entitled to announce everyone's flaws but yourself, then that just proves how pathetic you are. Constructive criticism (with art) is fine by me. But there's a difference between a straight out asshole and someone who is trying to help.
-I draw everyday. I'm never really satisfied with something until I've practiced it for a LONG time. And I'm still not satisfied with a lot of aspects of my art.
-I am a huge history nerd.
-I am a SUCKER for European accents. Call me weird. But I think they're the best things ever. I wish I had one. I'm an Italian, but I don't have the accent. e3e
-I speak only English. But starting next year, I am going to learn some German and hopefully become somewhat bilingual.
-I am the typo queen of the universe. Trust me. So don't be surprised to see a lot of typing errors by mistake.
-I mostly draw raposa. But I also draw animals (cats, dogs, etc.) even if they're mostly fantasy orientated. Also some hybrids from time to time. Those are a lot of fun to draw and I feel like I should probably draw them more in all honesty. And yet I don't. Huh.
-I laugh at (almost) EVERYTHING. I have the most idiotic sense of humor ever. XD
-My mouth spews bad words. And my fingers type them.
-I'm not going to lie. I am a pervert. I'm not TOO open about it, but I'm a pervert.
-My art varies from ridiculously cute to absolutely terrifying. Depends on my mood.
-I'm normally happy. If I'm not, you'll know.
-I'm shy. Yep. I'm shy. I will not be one to start a conversation if I don't know you.
-Please. DEAR LORD PLEASE. Talk to me about your O.C.s! FFS I WANT TO KNOW THINGS. I love talking about things like that. I like other's ideas a ton.
-I have a lot of ideas (some really idiotic or some rather decent) that regardless of how good it is, am always too shy to introduce. Like I said. Shy.
-I'm a nerd. My mom calls me a hipster. I might be.
-I am legally blind. (I wear glasses.)
-I think I can be annoying. So please. If I ever annoy you feel free to tell me to shut up.
-I'm not the most active person in the world on here. I am trying to be better though.
-Until I get a working scanner or a GOOD camera, you'll only see digital art.
-I was on Flipnote Hatena. I miss that place too. I am gonna be on Sudomemo too though. Whenever I get motivation up to animate a whole flipnote. Also when I get some good programs I'm gonna try my hand at animating on my computer as well.
-I use the 'XD' face 24/7. Yup.
-I have a lot of characters who mean a lot to me. Love em all.

That's about it. If you're curious about anything else feel free to ask me.

Also my premium is dead so uh. Heh. I'm not retyping those descriptions I had.

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