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This box is under construction and uh. Yeah it'll have to wait until I art some more. But there will be info on my characters here in the future. uvu

*by the lovely Oivuu

The Clouds in my Sky

:iconoivuu: (<3333333333333333333333333333)

At this point, I'm pretty sure all you know how much you mean to me, as I've most likely said it multiple times. All of you have a very deep place in my heart and I don't know where I would be without you guys. Thank you for being my friends. I honestly can't thank you guys enough. So. Yeah. Thank you for existing. I'm sorry for the lack of heart felt paragraphs but I feel like I've been repeating myself. And I'm sure the more I repeat the less genuine it sounds. I'd never want it to seem that way.

I Will Warn You Now

If you are rude to me or any of my friends I will not hesitate to be just as rude towards you. I am normally nice and patient but I swear I will flip my shit if you choose to be an arrogant asshole. Be nice to me and my friends and I will be nice to you. Just be nice. I don't like fighting with people, but I will defend my friends to the fucking death. I guarantee you won't be the one walking out alive in that fight. K. Thank you.

However. Allow me to make a clarification. Even if you are my friend. I won't fucking tolerate you being mean to another friend of mine either. Ok. Don't fucking do that. FJkldfj. THANK YOU.

..... Have a lovely day~! <3




He's just gonna fucking stand in this box because I said so.


Yeah so hi. The name's Alli.
Freelance artist and animator.
There's not much to me except for the fact that I'm a loser who likes drawing things in her free time.
The things I draw include, but are not limited to: raposa, animals, hybrids, and probably other things that I can't think of at the moment. Yay.
If you'd like to know more about me....well then here you go I guess.

-I am 16 years old. Woo I guess

-Been drawing for a good 5 years now, and animation is about....well the same actually. Majorly at least.

-I play the violinnnnn. Now I wish I still had one to play from time to time....

-I can now officially speak partial sentences in German. yayyyy. Which means that I'm closer to speaking my favorite languagggeeeee. Makes me happy.

-I'm a gamer. To the max. Some of my favorite gaming series include: Kirby, Mario, Pokemon, DRAWN TO LIFEEEE, Ace Attorney, and probably other things I've forgotten to message.

-My favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple.

-I'm a Gemini. Birthday being May 28.

-I am an INFP. If I remember that correctly anyway.

-I'm a girl. Seriously I hope this is obvious.

-Ummm. I love Europe. And one day I really wanna go over there.

-I'm Italian.

-I am diagnosed with social anxiety disorder so forgive me in advance for being awkward.

-I like my art and all, but I know I have a ton of things to improve on.

-My art is like, cartoonish. Yeah. Sometimes realistic-ish.

-I write things from time to time but I don't think anyone will ever see that stuff.

-I draw everyday. No exceptions.

-Sometimes I draw cute, sometimes I draw scary. All depends on my mood.

-I am horrible with words. Horrriiibbleeeeee.

-......I don't know what the fuck else to say ok bye.

Yo so by by the way my icon is made by Insacove

My birthday badge



Page is Currently Under Construction as I have a lot of ideas to try out! Bear with me~


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